Allow pre-defined tags

Hi there team HP

I refer Stop deleting tags when they are not used yet

We created per-defined tags and used the snippet in Prevent users from creating custom tags to prevent users from creating their own tags.

We’ve also used the snippet in How to set up max tags users can choose to limit the amount of tags allowed.

However if tags haven’t previously been assigned to listings they don’t appear in the select box.

So the question, is there a way to prevent per-defined tags in the back-end from being deleted yet and is there then a way to display them in the select box if they haven’t previously been used?

Yes, but this would require another custom snippet, it seems that there’s a “hide_empty” parameter set to “true” for the tags field in the “listing_update” form. If you’re familiar with coding please try using the hivepress/v1/forms/listing_update hook for overriding this field.

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