Allow saving the listing draft for later

Hi there!

I noticed when you‘re currently submit a new listing and have uploaded images, when you then close the page (without submitting the listing) and return back later to submit a listing, the uploaded images are still there. That‘s pretty cool. But all the content is not there anymore. So if you fill out the title, the description, and so and, all of that content is gone, only the images are still there.

It would be cool when all the content is still there. And even better would be a button to save a draft and have a new menu item called „Drafts“ or something similar and then you can simply continue your draft.

Hope my explanation was clear enough.

Best regards

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature. Currently only a few required changes are saved in the auto-draft (e.g. the selected category and the uploaded images).

Do you have a short code snippet that enables all fields to be auto saved, since it’s already a feature for categories and images?

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this, Images & Categories are saved explicitly in the listing update action.