Allow sellers to limit quantity

Hi there Team HP
Allowing sellers to limit quantity, how exactly does this work in a RentalHive setup?
I can understand in a MarketPlace setup that if a seller only has 20 items that after the 20 items have been purchased that the listing should no longer be displayed.
However in a RentalHive type setup the logic doesn’t make sense. If there are 5 rooms available for example, how does that work as currently I notice it sets the Woo Products stock level and if 5 bookings have been made, irrespective of their dates, the Woo Product stock level reaches 0? There are also Woo Product low and Woo Product out of stock emails being sent by the platform, obviously by Woo.


Please note that the quantity function works only with the Marketplace extension, it doesn’t work with Bookings. If you need quantity for Bookings, we recommend using the guests function, please check this doc How to add guests to bookings - HivePress Help Center