Allow user to change dates

Hi guys!

Exist any solution for the user change a reservation at front-end?


Sorry, there’s no such feature yet, the easiest way is contacting the site admin or canceling the booking and making it again.


We have any prevision for the update?

Yes, this one on the roadmap although it may be pretty complex since updating dates may require a partial refund or another payment option.


I stay wait for news, thanks!

Hi, ihor!

Any news about that?

Sorry, this feature is not implemented yet but it’s still on the roadmap for Bookings.

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Do you have any deadline for insert of this function?

Unfortunately I can’t provide an ETA because any urgent bugs shift the updates schedule for all the extensions, but if you check the Release Notes the most frequently updated extensions are Bookings and Marketplace so we’ll try to add this feature as soon as possible.

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Ok, thanks!

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