Allow users to add reviews for their own listings

According to Reviewing your own listings | HivePress Support, this was planned for deployment, but I can not see that it has been implemented.

It would be awesome for e.g. the use case when someone adds a tourist attraction, and then also wants to describe his/her impression of it.

Thank you!

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this option. In the current version it may be possible by unblinking the callback that checks the listing author via the code changes.

Ihor, can you elaborate on how to do this, I am also interested in this feature, to create a separate subdomain with reviews on their own overviews (ads).

Sorry, I checked the Reviews code and this error is added directly in the review action, it’s not possible to remove it. There may be a way if you add a callback for this hook hivepress/v1/models/review/errors then check the errors in a loop and if the text matches the error, unset it.