Allow users to reply to messages both via email and website

We use the Messages extension and allow monitoring of messages.

It would be nice to add a “reply-to” when the message is delivered so the recipient can reply directly to that message in their inbox rather than logging into the website.

I know you can turn off monitoring and the messages would be sent back and forth directly in the users’ inboxes.

But it would be nice to be more robust where the messages can be monitored and the inbox replies still go to the user (instead of the site admin)

You can do this by editing the Message email, you need to include the %message_text% token in the email content.

That adds the message to the body of the email, which we’ve done.

We’re talking about changing the “reply-to” email address to be the sender’s email address instead of the admin email address.

Currently the email comes from the admin and if you reply directly to the email in your inbox, it goes back to the admin.

We have included a button in the email that says “reply here” linked to %message_url% but that requires the recipient to click the button, log into the website, then respond to the message there.

We would like the recipient to be able to reply directly to the email received in their inbox and it goes to the sender’s email with our custom template and maintains the email monitoring and threads in the website admin. I don’t believe this exists.


This is possible if you disable Store messages in the database in HivePress > Settings > Messages.

Then all notifications will come to the mail (and you will be able to change the sender email).

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thanks @andrii. I know you can store messages. I have it set like this:

And I have customized the email under Hivepress > Emails > Message Received

But when a message is sent, the email message headers “from”, “cc”, “bcc”, “reply-to”, etc are all set by Hivepress. You can’t customized that.

So if a message recipient clicks “reply” in their email inbox, that email goes back to the admin email because that was set as the “from” and “reply-to” email address.

Other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon allow you to click reply in your inbox and that message is routed back through their monitoring service and delivered to the user’s email inbox. You can choose to respond to messages in their message system on the website, OR you can just click reply in your inbox. Either way it’s all still monitored.

That’s why I added this as a feature request. Because I don’t believe that’s possible right now.

Yes, the Reply-To header is not customizable via the WordPress dashboard, but if you leave the message storage checked and set the Reply-To header (e.g. via code customizations) messages may be mixed since someone may reply to the email notification, and the recipient will reply via the website, etc. so a single conversation may be broken.