Allow users to resend confirmation email

When a user register with the confirmation email enabled, there’s no way to resend the activation email in the Register or Login form on listinghive.

I have a lot of “unconfirmed” users and I would like my users to have the option to request another “activation” email to confirm their registration.

How do I add a “Resend Activation Email” button to my registration form?

Attached is a screen shot of what I would like to offer my users when they register.

Thank you all for your help and I look forward to your replies.

Thanks for your feedback, indeed sometimes this option is needed - we added it to the roadmap. As a temporary workaround, you can mark users as verified manually in WordPress/Users, e.g. of they contact you complaining that they didn’t get the email.

Thank you ihor for taking the time to reply.

I found this PHP snippet online that is supposed to be a temporary fix but it looks like it doesn’t work.

I don’t know what I did wrong. I “copy and pasted” it and placed it in “code snippet” but it doesn’t seem to work. I was wondering if you or anyone else knows how to tweak it so that it can work.

Thank you all for you help

It seems to be related to a third-party plugin or the back-end WordPress login form, unfortunately it will not work for HivePress - this would require further customizations. We’ll try to add this feature as soon as it’s possible.

Thank you ihor for taking the time to reply. I will patiently wait for your team to add this feature.

Would you happen to have timeline?

Thank you again for everything you and your team do. it is appreciated.


Unfortunately, there is no exact timeframe, but we’ll consider adding this feature as soon as possible.

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