Allow users to select one of the available durations

Hi there!

I use experthive so people can book consultations with coaches. These coaches have several offerings, but often they have 1 offering with different durations. For instance, a coaching call for 15 minutes, for 30 minutes and for 45 minutes. Instead of creating three listings, of which each has a different price and duration. It would be great if it could be just one listing and once clicking on the listing, the customer can choose the time duration.

Would it be possible to implement something like that in the future?

PS. I thought it was similar to another request but I wasn’t sure: More than one booking method (categorized at different times) per listing
If so, perhaps it’s better to delete my post or combine it.

Thanks for your feedback, this seems like a useful feature - we added it to the roadmap. You can also try a temporary workaround by setting the slot duration to 15min and allow selecting multiple slots per booking.