Allow vendors to make a special offer

Is there an extension available where vendors can produce a special offer …

so they keep their listing nothing happens to that… but they can offer a special offer?

Please share more details about the required functionality, do you mean vendors sending special offers to users without them requesting? With Requests, users can post requests and vendors can make offers. Also, it’s possible to enable private requests, this way users can make personal requests via the vendor profile pages.

as an example if vendors all have a hair salon (this is their listing).

they have a special offer on for a cut and blow.

Can they advertise the cut and blow as a special offer, with an expiry date?

It will not effect their listing. Their listing stays as it is?

Unfortunately there’s no way to create coupons and discounts this way yet, but we plan to add more promotion features, e.g. recently we added the discounts feature but it works for day-based bookings only (so it’s possible to provide discount for 7+ days, 30+ days and so on).

Ok it would be good if listings stayed as they are

People can create offers and it goes on a separate offers page

People like to search offers only

Just an idea :blush:

Thanks for your suggestion. There may be a temporary workaround if you use a separate listing category for this purpose, it’s possible to add category-specific fields and search filters.

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