Allow vendors to sell physical products

Great script, by the way, I would like to suggest a feature for the marketplace addon.

I would like to create a business listing directory where users can also shop (buy a physical product or book an appointment) when they visit the business detail page.

Physical Simple/ Variant Product Listing ( add to cart/buy now features).

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature. It may already be possible with Marketplace, but it’s not fully suitable for selling physical products at the moment.

Thank you apparently this does not exist on any listing platform out there. I will be glad if you are able to make it possible for vendors to list simple/variant products on their listings.

@ihor Are you also open to custom works just for this feature?


We don’t offer customization services yet, but we plan to launch a HivePress Experts ((Experts | HivePress) program to recommend freelancers familiar with HivePress (already accepting applications). If there are expected changes (e.g., layout/styling) required, then HivePress-specific skills are not needed, any WP developer will be able to help - in this case, please consider hiring someone via Fiverr