Amount displayed in Order sections on vendor profile


When a vendor recieve an order, the amount which is displayed is the amount of the website commission (See screens under). It will be more convinient for vendor to have the amount of their Gains displayed :

However this make sens for the buyer to have the comission amount display becaus this is what he payed on the website when the direct payment is selected.

Thanks for this modification, in order to make things even clearer for customers.

Cordially, Zak.

It could be cool too display the result of the commission in vendor order interface because as we can see we only have the formula here :

It seems basic stuff but it is very important when writing our general selling conditions to have clear description in order recipes.

Thanks in advance for this.

Thanks for your suggestions, we plan to improve the order details, the improvement with displaying the commission total instead or in addition to the formula is already on the roadmap.

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Thank you

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