Any low-budget hosts that can serve the purpose of hivepress theme and plugin?

My friend has a t-shirt design + selling as a side business and he went through a lot using shopify but ditched it as he wasn’t getting online sales to recover the shopify costs.

He asked me to inquire about catalogue-only site where he’ll just showcase his designed t-shirts with 0 e-commerce. And hence, I didn’t recommend WooCommerce either. He has some 20 t-shirts with different combinations.

I was searching for catalogue-only templates and landed at hivepress. hivepress seems to have all the features and functionality - for catalogue listing and requests plugin.

But where can I host this single catalogue site of his ? Since he won’t be selling online, $10 a mo hosting is beyond his budget right now and was wondering where can he experiment with his online catalogue store. has a very cheap plan for about $3.00 a month

Thanks - I also came across milesweb @ $1 a month.

Use Digital Ocean, which is reliable and cheap. But you have to have the knowledge of how to install OS and control panels like Interworx or cpanel.

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