Any way to create a custom link in profiles?

I would like to add custom links here. As every of my vendor is having a “personal link” to their classes, I would like to know if there is a way to achieve this please?
Thanks in advance

Please try this PHP snippet Add a custom item to the user account menu #hivepress #users · GitHub

Thank you very much but this just adds a link to the profile, right ? How does it work if I want a different link per vendor ? I mean each vendor has access to a “meeting” page. I would like to have a way to display the link automatically, I mean the right meeting link for the right vendor.
Hope it’s clear enough…
Thanks in advance and best regards,

As a workaround, it is possible to create the vendor attribute which vendors can not edit in their front-end accounts. So it is possible to add a meeting link to each vendor account from the back-end where you have access as administrator. For example, if you create a vendor attribute with the field name meeting_link then please try this PHP snippet

	function( $menu ) {
		$vendor = \HivePress\Models\Vendor::query()->filter(['user' => get_current_user_id()])->get_first();
		if($vendor && $vendor->get_meeting_link()){
			$menu['items']['custom_name_here'] = [
			'label'  => 'Meeting link',
			'url'    => esc_url($vendor->get_meeting_link()),
			'_order' => 123,

		return $menu;

Amazing. It’s a great workaround already. Thank you, you are a super team.

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