API request to Stripe Connect stops

I’m using Stripe Connect and now testing for payouts, and the API request “POST /v1/transfers” has been sent to Stripe Connect for 4 days, and the platform cannot payout to the associated express accounts by API on the HivePress after the 5th day. Please see attached image, for your reference.

Actually, the express account has not been completed verification by Stripe during the error happened as you can see the attached image, but the verification for the account was completed on 5/11 and sending the API request “POST /v1/transfers” from HivePress to Stripe has kept stopping so far.

How many days does the current API request “POST /v1/transfers” from HivePress to Stripe keep sending? If it is for 4 days or so, the current setting doesn’t work. I need the setting "keep sending the API request to Stripe until the account is available, completing verification, for payouts.

Could you fix this issue as soon as possible on your side?


Yes, if the payout is failed then there are 5 attempts with a 24-hour interval. We can’t silently fail it because vendors wait for a payout and the issue should be resolved. Please make sure that you have the latest Marketplace version, even if there are insufficient funds the payout should be triggered correctly when the order is marked as Completed.

Hi @ihor

Thanks for your reply and sorry for confusing. I don’t ask you the silent failure but I mean that the API should keep sending and attempting the request after 5 times with a 24-hour interval until the account works for payouts. The account in my website has already been completed, but the API has not been sent to Stripe and its payout has not been completed, I mean its still “pending”.

Hi @ihor

How should I handle this issue? Although the vender’s Stripe account was completed, the API request has been never sent to Stripe. The vender has been waiting for the payout.

Sorry for the delay. Please make sure that you didn’t process this payout manually via Stripe dashboard, because when HivePress makes a payout (transfer) via API and receives a “success” response, it marks the order as “paid out” and there should be no Payout Failed emails sent.

If you make a payout manually another way then HivePress will be unaware about this and will attempt making a payout via Stripe Connect API.

Hi @ihor

Thanks for your reply. You mean that we must not process these failed payouts manually on Stripe, right? Actually, I think so and I didn’t do that, but any requests have been sent to Stripe from HivePress since the 5 times failed attempts. When will the next API request send to Strie from HivePress?

Yes, initial payouts should be triggered automatically. If the Stripe Connect balance is enough or you have the latest Marketplace version (it allows processing payouts even if the initial payment via Stripe hasn’t reached the Stripe Connect balance yet) then there should be no Payout Failed emails.

Hi @ihor

What I want to know is when the API request will be sent to Stripe “NEXT”. Please tell me how it works after the 5 times attempt failure.

There are 5 attempts if the payout is failed, if you mean triggering the payout again unfortunately it’s not possible via the admin UI, once the payout is failed admin has 5 days to fix the issue (there’s a single attempt per 24 hours), either by topping up the Stripe Connect balance or waiting for the initial payment to reach Stripe Connect.

Hi @ihor

Thanks. Could you give me a little more explanation for “waiting for the initial payment to reach Stripe Connect”?

If you use Stripe as a payment gateway in WooCommerce, payments accepted via this gateway will appear on the Stripe Connect balance only within a few days, not immediately. But in the latest Marketplace version we reference the pending transaction ID so Stripe should process a payout even if there are not enough funds.

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