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I am working on creating a custom payment link to facilitate payments to vendors. However, when an order is placed through the WooCommerce checkout page, the vendor name does not appear on the WooCommerce order page. Can anyone suggest how to pass the vendor name to the checkout page, similar to adding a product to the cart with a URL like I appreciate any guidance on how to display the vendor name on the WooCommerce order page.

Thank you.

Anyone can suggest any idea; it can be appreciated. I am working with code to create a product and enable direct checkout through a URL. This involves adding the product to the cart, storing the vendor name in WooCommerce order attributes, and utilizing hooks.

I’m sorry for the delay. Please try setting the vendor ID (you can fetch it via the author of the purchased product, vendor is a post of “hp_vendor” type owned by the user) in the “hp_vendor” meta field of the WooCommerce order. You can do this during the order creation, or HivePress may do this automatically if the vendor user is set as author of the purchased product.

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maybe we need this feature as build in hp marketplace,
in dasboard order page, so administrator can assign/switch/change vendor for order or even add multiple vendor in single order, from dashboard…

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