Attaching hosts to listings and map markers

Issue #1 We want our hosts to be attached to their listings and their profile picture to appear.

Issue 2

The map marker for our listings doesn’t display price or a photo of the property. Can you please add this and issue an update? Thank you.

No developer has reached out and theres nobody assigned to us. Even though hivepress states they offer 6 months of support. Please your attention to this is greatly appreciated these points are crucial to booking directory websites.

I’m sorry for the delay, there were more tickets this weekend than expected.

  1. Please let me know if you create hosts manually or these are registered users who add listings by themselves? If so then their profile should appear in the listing sidebar page, along with the image they uploaded in Account/Settings.

  2. If possible send a link to your site or temporary WP access (you can send it privately via email, there may be a JS error that blocks the map rendering.

We have a problem. We need you to create a separate email option one for bookings one for products.
Our only option right now is the (order complete) email
This will be too generic. For example when our premium host plan is purchased we want a specific email thanking them for their business and to outline the value of what they purchased. But this will also be the same email they receive when their listing is booked. So we need you to alter this please. Your attention to this is greatly appreciated we need this resolved asap. Please bring this to the attention of the developers.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding separate email notifications for this use-case. In the current version, this would require a custom implementation.

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