Attribute is not displayed in listings settings in WordPress admin panel

Hello, I have the “Rating” attribute, it was filling in, everything was fine. But now it has stopped showing up among the listing attributes inside the WordPress admin panel. I disabled all third party plugins and put a Listing Hive theme. Tried to delete and recreate the attribute. It didn’t help. How can this be fixed?


Please provide a screenshot of your attribute settings in the Display section.

here is


Thanks for the screenshot.

It seems that the attribute name conflicts with HivePress Reviews extension
Please try disabling the HivePress Reviews extension and check if this issue persists.

Yes, after disabling the Reviews extension, the Rating attribute appeared. Does that mean I can’t have the Rating attribute and adjust it? If I definitely need the Reviews extension.

Yes, if you use Reviews you can’t add an attribute with the “rating” field name since it conflicts with the built-in rating field added by Reviews. Editing rating is not possible since it’s calculated automatically as an average of the review ratings.

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