Attribute options slug

Hi, how can we have the attribute options slug. I would like to create a button for some options

Thanks you

Sorry it’ not slug I need, it’s complet URL. I don’t find her!!

Please hover over the option and click “View”, then you can copy the full option URL from the browser address bar.

Thank you for your answer, but when I copy URL I’ve this URL:


It’s redirect to login WP page, not on a listing page with my professionals registrated with 1 option of attribut.

It’s possible to do it with your plugin or not?

It seems that you copied the option edit URL for admins. If it is a listing attribute then please edit this attribute in Listings/Attributes and make sure that it has the Create a page for each attribute option option enabled (in the Display section). Then if you edit the attribute options (like on your screenshot) and hover on any option, the View link will appear. You can then click on this link and copy the front-end URL of the attribute.

Hope this helps.

I don’t have option: “create a page for each attribute option” in the display section

It is HivePress/Settings/Listings page on your screenshots. Please open Listings/Attributes (as I saw on your previous screenshots it is Annonces/Les attributs on your website) and please follow the steps which were written above

Yes it’s true, I suck I had seen this feature lol, thank you.

And it would be nice to be able to display a list on a page according to the options on elementor.

Here we can choose by date, alphabetical order ect… but not by options! shame…

I would have made sections like: list of brands that offers a promo code 20%, 15%, 10%… I propose that for a future update😉

Thanks for your feedback, if you mean adding attribute-based filters to the block settings this feature is on the roamap.

Hi thank you. Where I can found your roadmap pls?

We keep tasks for themes & extensions in Asana and unfortunately it has no public access option, but we started to collect feature requests here and roadmap features get the “approved” tag Feature Requests - HivePress Community so the full roadmap will eventually migrate there.

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ok thank you, I were look it sometimes for see if you do an update.

And I don’t find how can I have the url of attribut. I see the slug but impossible to find link.

Attributes have URLs only if these are selectable attributes and the public pages are enabled in the attribute pages, if so then please click Edit Options on the attribute edit page - then you can click View on any of the attribute options.

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