Authentication extension doesn't work for social login?

Does HivePress Authentication work anymore for social login?
I think it used to work before, but not anymore.

I even tried using super socializer + HivePress Authentication
but it only works if I try to login from wp-admin, whereas I want it to work from frontend #user_login_modal

Is there anyway to fix this??

It’s no longer supported. Hivepress Social Logins is the supported plugin now.

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Yes, the Authentication extension is deprecated. It may still work for Facebook or Google, it uses their JS API for embedding buttons, you can try disabling other plugins to check if there’s a conflict that blocks rendering the buttons via JS.

I couldn’t get it to work.I tried but it just didn’t work.

So at the end,I just the bought the social login plugin.

Thanks, I hope it’ll be useful! This way you also support the HivePress core development.

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Yes It is useful ihor. Thank you so much.
Im more than happy to support hivepress.
Keep up the good work and support.

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