Autofill form data makes region search not work, defaults to all listings even though search look identical to normal search

Steps to reproduce

  1. Marketplace configured with map from Mapbox, a few listings with regions associated
  2. Chrome browser (web, PC)
  3. Search a region that you have listings for, select from Mapbox autocomplete list
  4. The relevant listings are correctly returned
  5. Go back to start page, now search again for the same region. Google Chrome will suggest the area using saved autofill form data from your last search. Select from that autofill list and directly click search without using the Mapbox list.
  • A separate issue here is that the “autofill” list floats over the mapbox list, making the UI hard to use
  1. All listings of the site are returned, also all listings outside the relevant region, and URL looks wrong (Search Results for “” – Your Platform“Name of region”)
  • Normally this URL would contain GPS coordinates and a region code.

This bug is quite problematic, because it is very often that the same region is searched more than once for a user and autofill is quick and easy to use and activated by default. Thanks for looking into it.

Actual result

All listings returned when searching using “autofill” instead of mapbox list.
Autofill results floating over the mapbox list of results in search field

Expected result

Only the listings of the region should be shown also for “autofill”, or autofill should be turned off for the listing location search field.

Extra details

Thank you for reporting this bug. We are already working to fix it for the next HivePress Geolocation extension update which will be in 2-3 days

Thank you :slight_smile:

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