Automatic Email for Order Completion Confirmation

Hello HivePress Community,

I’m facing a challenge on my platform using HivePress. When a vendor marks an order as “Delivered,” the buyer doesn’t receive any notification or automatic email to confirm the receipt of their order. This step is crucial for finalizing the transaction process and ensuring a smooth user experience.

I’m looking to implement a system where an automatic email is sent to the buyer as soon as the vendor marks the order as “Delivered.” This email should prompt the buyer to confirm the receipt of the order on the platform.

Could you guide me on how to implement this feature? Are there specific HivePress extensions or settings that I should use to enable this automatic email sending?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated to enhance the transaction process on my platform.

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

Best regards,
Clik’N Loc

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Sorry for the delay. Please make sure that outgoing emails are set up How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center There should be the “Order Delivered” email sent to the buyer’s email address when the order is marked as Delivered.

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