Automatic payouts


I already made a similar request a few months ago but I still don’t see any changes. You said it’s a security risk to have automated payouts but, I really don’t think that having every user sending their personal bank details without any type of encryption is any better…

The fact I need to see people’s bank account details anytime they make a payout request is not acceptable. I’m not even sure it respects GDPR and it 100% doesn’t respect their privacy enough to me.

Please, either provide a way for payouts to be handled automatically even if only partially, or guide me towards a solution, it’s critical to my website.

Thank you.

This feature is also crucial for my website. I have upvoted your suggestion so that they know the importance of this feature!


Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we understand the importance of making payouts easier to manage and we’ll find a solution for this in any case. Please try using some workaround until this feature is available, e.g. if you use PayPal then storing PayPal emails complies with GDPR. We’ll most likely implement this via Stripe Connect or another platform for splitting or automating payments.


@ihor when do you think this feature would be available roughly?

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Thank you, It would be greatly appreciated.

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There’s no ETA for this feature yet, but there’s a queue of extensions and we’ll update them one by one. We’re also looking to hire more developers so the development will speed up during the following weeks.

@ihor any update?

Sorry, there’s no ETA for it yet, but both splitting payments and automatic payouts will be implemented as soon as it’s possible.

What do you mean with when its possible?

I meant that there’s no ETA for this feature, but we update all extensions one by one as soon as it’s possible and deliver the updates, so as soon as we get to the major Marketplace update this feature will be added (along with the splitting payments one).

Thank you for the clarification. Would you recommend us to hire a programmer instead of waiting for this update? we plan to launch in the span of 4 months.

We plan to release this feature within 4 months for sure, but if it’s more urgent please try to find a developer with WordPress experience via Fiverr or Upwork, I can help with some guidance on implementation if this helps.
Please note that it will be implemented for a few most popular payment gateways, e.g. PayPal and/or Stripe because they have a reliable API for this.

This will work for us if you add Stripe Connect.

Please let me know if you mean payouts (after all the payments are sent to the site owner initially) or splitting payments on checkout - as far as I know Stripe Connect is used to split payments if there are multiple beneficiaries. We also plan to add Stripe Connect, but it’s not related to Payouts.

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Oh my bad! I meant splitting payments on checkout directly with Stripe Connect instead of sending the money to the site owner. Will this feature be available in 4 months?

Yes, it’ll definitely will be available within 4 months or less.

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That sounds great! :blush:

@ihor have you started with developing splitting payments on checkout directly with Stripe Connect? or know when you will start?

Yes, we’ve started working on this feature, if you set the license key in settings the update will be available in Dashboard/Updates as soon as possible.


@ihor Sounds great!