Automatic uploading of website screenshots

Hi, I think it would be great if we could add website screenshots to hivepress directory automatically (in other words, automatically add a dynamic or cached/saved screenshot of a website, using 3rd party script - such as JSON Whois Screenshot API (100% free).

Here is a list of a number of screenshot API providers, in case you are interested in adding this feature: Top 10 Best Screenshot Generation APIs [2021] 30+ Screenshot API Reviewed

PS: apparently WordPress also has a screenshots API too called “mshots”, which this plugin also uses: Browser Screenshots – WordPress plugin | (…however according to the plugin developer the wordpress mshots function is only free for “non-commercial use”. It also doesn’t store or save the images on the users website, they are stored on Automatics servers and then dynamically generated each time the page is refreshed, which could be an issue for large or heavy-traffic directories).
However, the WP Links Page plugin also uses Wordpress mshots yet it seems to be able to store the thumbnails - see: Documentation – WP Links Page

In case you need it, the Automatic Mshots code is available on github: GitHub - Automattic/mShots: Website Thumbnail/Snapshot Service
The Browser-shots plugin code is also on github: GitHub - BinaryMoon/browser-shots: A WordPress plugin for taking screenshots of websites using the block editor.
Also, regarding commercial use, I found this on wordpress forum by the author of Browser Screenshots plugin: *

My understanding is you can’t sell this feature/ functionality as a service, but using it to display screenshots on a small business site should be fine imo.
link: Non-commercial use of Browser Shot Plugin? |

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding this feature to the HivePress core. If you’re familiar with PHP customizations this may also be possible via a custom implementation, e.g. using some of the HivePress actions/filters.

Hi iHor - thanks, that would be great if you do add it, in the meantime could you please provide the code snippet (…I’m assuming that it can be added via the Code Snippets plugin?) - thank you, regards Karen

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this feature, this would require integration with some screenshot making script or third-party API.