Best Practices for using "Payout" feature?

I am trying to understand how others use the payout feature. When it comes time to payout the amount due, how and where is the money being sent? Is the money sent to the person’s PayPal Account? For example, if we are to pay someone $95 for the sale of their listed good, what is the best way to disperse their money?

Is there a document that discusses the specifics of this feature?

Once the order is completed, vendors get the order amount (depending on the commission rate) to their website balance. Then, once the minimum payout amount is reached (you can define it in settings) vendors can request a payout, providing the details for receiving a payment via the form (e.g. their PayPal address). Payouts are processed manually, you can process them depending on your marketplace terms. You can also find more details here Marketplace - HivePress Help Center

Okay, a few quesitons if you please.

1: Where do we define the commission rate by %, and, does that commission rate get auto-applied? For example, item is sold for $100, we get $5 (5% commission), seller gets $95. When we go to make the payout, the system knows that this person is to receive a payout of $95.

  1. How or where do we capture the e-mail address linked to the Seller PayPal account for processing the Payout via PayPal? Is that the e-mail address entered when the account is created? If yes, where do we change the field label making it clear that the e-mail address they enter needs to be the email address used for PayPal.

  2. Is there a way to create a proof source by the Seller (e.g., adding a Tracking Number) and the Buyer (e.g., Proof of Receipt) before a Payout is given?

  1. Please define it in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling section, for example if you set 10 there then for a sale of $100 vendors will see $90 on their balance (once the order is marked as Completed).
  2. Vendors can add these details to the Details field in the Payout Request form, you can also add extra instructions there using this snippet Add description to the details field in the payout request form #hivepress #marketplace · GitHub
  3. If you mean making sure that the order is completed please try setting this in HivePress/Settings/Orders, e.g. if you can require users to mark orders as completed (to indicate that there were no issues), and set auto-completion period if some user forgets to mark an order as completed.
    Hope this helps.

Thank you. Can the same snipped be used to capture both their PayPal Email Account as well as a tracking number and shipment carrier? Assuming yes, do I just add two more lines to the snippet, or do I need to create three unique snippets with the code?

Please send more details about this issue - do you mean some the shipping tracking number? The Marketplace extension is not fully suitable for physical goods since it has no cart and shipping-specific features, but it’s ok for services, digital downloads and other non-physical goods. If some seller can request a payout, it means that their balance is 100% valid since the balance is increased only if the buyer marks the order is Completed (indicating that they received the order and everything is ok), you can also enable manual delivery in the Orders settings to require buyers to accept or reject the delivered service/goods.

I would like to add a few custom fields that are applicable to our use of HivePress, for when the Seller requests a payout.

  1. Tracking Number (to be entered by the seller)
  2. Shipment Carrier (to be entered by the seller)

Where is the option for the buyer to mark the order has completed? I am not seeing that setting, sorry.

Please let me know if these tracking/shipment details are related to orders or to the payout, do you mean using these as proof that the seller shipped the order? In HivePress payouts are not per-order, they are related to the whole account balance, and sellers get a non-zero balance only if customers mark orders as Completed, confirming that the order is shipped and/or delivered.

If these tracking/shipment details are related to the payout details only, please consider adding some instructions for sellers (e.g. “Please add the shipment and tracking numbers below…”) using the snippet suggested above - adding custom fields, saving and displaying them is possible, but this requires customizations.

Please also check if the order has the Processing status, then the Complete button should appear for customers.

The intent is to get proof that the seller shipped the item AND the buyer received the item. Once both proof sources are met, we will payout the seller for the amount owed.

Please consider resolving this using the order-level settings, because a single payout may be related to multiple orders (each payout depends on the current vendor balance, and the balance is based on the sum of completed order amounts, minus the commission you set).

For example, you can try enabling Manual Delivery in HivePress/Settings/Orders section, then vendors will have to mark orders as Delivered first, providing a note (e.g. you can ask them to add the tracking number there). Buyers get a notification if the order is marked as Delivered (you can rename this status or any other text using Loco Translate if required), then they can mark the order as Completed to confirm that the order is delivered (or to indicate that the service is provided - this depends on your website niche). If the order is completed, the order amount (minus the commission fee) is added to the vendor balance. Once the balance reaches the minimum amount you set in HivePress/Settings/Payouts, vendors can request a payout.

As you described, this is what we are looking to do. We have enabled the manual delivery option. Where do we add the notes as to asking the seller to provide the tracking number? Is that part of the snippet?

Please try this PHP snippet

	function( $form ) {
		$form['fields']['note']['description'] = 'custom text here';

		return $form;
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You are very kind! So, just enter something like “PayPal Account Email Address” in the ‘custom text here’ field, correct?

To add multiple fields, do I duplicate the snippet and add new custom field names, or just add additional $form lines?

Yes, you can add any instructions there, e.g. for the above snippet (that adds a description to the Details field in the Deliver Order form) “Please enter the tracking number…”. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to add extra fields, this requires further customizations - even if you add fields and they appear, the field values should be saved, stored and displayed somewhere.

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