Big Update?

Hi. When will there be a Big Update ? So that your work will gain time ? Because I’ll honestly admit, at the moment serious business will not be done on it.

This depends on the features you’re waiting for, we have a roadmap for at least 12 months in advance but some features will be implemented sooner and some later, unfortunately there’s no way we can implement or improve everything at once because like any dev team we have limited time resources. Please suggest features in the Feature Requests section or vote for existing ones.

Hi. It’s not a good approach to let your customers decide what new features should appear. Because most of these ideas are figments and not actual analysis of traffic and user behavior. Let me give you an example: Not many people pay attention to conditional logic. Because they don’t even know what it is in a theme. Take a look at Envato and see that the same thing is there. Reporting some weird invention, and meanwhile such a theme doesn’t even have SEO/permalink rules maintained. Or the problem with account registration. Why isn’t there a separation between private and company accounts, where it’s when registering that the company provides its full registration and contact information. No visible email address. So that bots don’t scan the site. Why there are no added checkboxes for consents: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Marketing Consents. Such simple solutions that are needed do not have any of these “popular” themes. Or why most themes don’t have Menu - Finder in horizontal layout ? Don’t be offended at me, but your plugin has a lot of features to change. And for a year, it is possible to write a new plugin. Unless you are a team in one person then and 5 years will not be enough. Ps. Unfortunately, but we can not afford to launch your plugin as a serious project. Because we don’t know what will be changed/improved and when.

Thanks for your feedback - I didn’t mean that we 100% follow the feature suggestions, but it gives us an idea about the most wanted features, we don’t implement features without extra research. So features required for your site may be available within a month or even this week, I just meant that if you combine all the features on our roadmap it would take a year to implement them all one by one.

I hope you’ll find a better solution for your project, we’ll try to improve HivePress in any case so maybe it’ll be suitable for some of your future projects.

I think you do not do any research, because by example of what ? To do such research you need to have such a service fired up on the web. Does your theme collect data from all active installations ?

Yes, we collect non-sensitive data about HivePress usage if the website owner allows this. A notice asking about the usage sharing appears 2 days after the HivePress installation.

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