Block calendar and change “Book” to “Join Waitlist”

I’m trying to make the change but now I’ve consistantly seeing the following issue:

1: Calendar disappeared from “Listing”
2: “Request To Book” disappeared

How to reproduce:
1: Go to wordpress Listing/All
2: Select Any Listing to edit
3: Scroll down

I was able to see the checkbox that enable manual approval for booking, but it’s gone now.
I was able to see calendar, but somehow it’s not showing up any more

Did you guys made any changes recently ?

I’ve tried to deactive Hivepress Bookings Plugin and reactivate it, but it’s not fixing the issue.

Can you please help take a look.

It seems that all the booking-related features are hidden for this listing, please make sure that the Bookings extensions is installed and activated correctly in WordPress/Plugins, and that you don’t restrict Bookings to specific listing categories in HivePress/Settings/Bookings (leave this field empty to enable booking for listings in any category).

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