Block Post a Request for Vendors

I would ike to block the action to List a Request for my Vendors, i already hide the button, but if they access it via URL “submit-listing/details/” they can access the page to Submit a Request.


If you do not want to use requests anymore, then please try to deactivate HivePress Requests plugin.

Hello andrii,

I need the action to List a Request for my clients, but for vendors don’t.

If I hide the button and they access it via URL they can go to the form and submit a request.

What I did was a validation on redirection, if is a Vendor and the try to access that page to list a request I redirect them to home page.

Do you think is a good idea or you have a better solution?
For security reasons maybe you have a better solution.



Please try to use the moderation feature for requests. To enable this feature, please navigate to HivePress > Settings > Requests > and enable Manually approve new requests.

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