Blocks can't be edited


I installed the ExpertHive theme and imported the demo content, however when I try to edit any of the blocks in the homepage I was receiving the error saying “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed”.

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Please try disabling all third-party plugins except HivePress and extensions and let me know if this issue persists.

Hi ihor,

That worked thank you. Do you have any idea why this happens and if there’s anything I can do to rectify it? It’s quite frustrating to have to disable all other plugins in order to be able to edit the site

It appears to be the WP Gutenberg plugin that is causing the issue, if it’s deactivated, but all others are active the error does not occur. Any idea why this happens?

You don’t have to disable all the plugins, but this is a way to find which plugin causes a conflict. Thanks for reporting this, it seems that a new beta version of Gutenberg editor (WordPress uses this plugin for beta testing) causes the issue. Please disable this plugin until this is resolved, WordPress itself already includes a stable Gutenberg version.

Ah ok, thank you very much ihor! Really appreciate the help!

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