Blog posts excerpt and edit bug

The ListingHive Blog posts have an excerpt that does not fit the text in the actual blog post.
(Also on your demo Blog – ListingHive)
I noticed this when i tried to put a list of recent blog posts on the main page.

Also when i edit blog posts or create new ones no image or other edit option shows up just the plain text.
Did i miss something or do i have to create blog posts in the backend?


​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you.

Yes, that’s right, posts can only be created through the backend.

the first blog posts in your demo for example:
The excerpt starts with Morbi scelerisque.
But inside the text on the blog post it is nowhere.

And how do i create/edit a hivepress blog post because in the wordpress post options its just text?


The blog page displays Excerpts – Support; you can specify this on the right sidebar when you edit a post.

If you use the WordPress block editor, you can customize the content of your post with blocks, not just text.

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