Book by hour (current feature) by day and by month, PLEASE

We really need this booking feature to work, can you please provide some solution. Please see below:

We are providing childcare and parents want to book by hour, by day or by month, can you provide some code, thank you!!!

It’s possible to enable time-based and date-based bookings globally or per category, but unfortunately there’s no monthly bookings option yet and it’s not possible to implement it with a simple code snippet. Thanks for your feedback - we’ll consider adding this feature to the HivePress Bookings update.

So it is not possible to define a start day and the end day of the reservation?

For example, to publish an ad that begins on August 3 and ends on August 10.

So it is not possible to define a start and end day when posting an ad?

Example: Reservation that begins on August 5 and ends on August 9.

But those days I want to define when publishing the ad.

Can you provide the code or how to do that, I’m ok if people can’t book monthly, can you help me to have the following:
Booking hourly (and with recurring booking checkbox)
Booking daily (and with recurring booking checkbox)

The custom code is not required in this case, please select listing categories where you want to enable time slot bookings in HivePress/Settings/Bookings. Listings within other categories will have day-based bookings instead. Unfortunately there’s no recurring billing at the moment, the payment is made for the booking time slot or date range only.

Each booking (if it’s not a time slot) has a specific start and end date, if you mean defining specific start/end dates available for bookings there’s no such option yet, but you can define the booking offset and window to control the delay before the first booking and how far a booking can be made in advance.

I didn’t see it, this is the settings page.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the HivePress Bookings extension

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