Booking and setting a start and end date

Hi, is seem to miss something. We’re using HivePress with theme RentalHive. Were can a Host (person who wants to rentout their house/appartment) set a rental periode so others can make a reservation? Is there some tutorial online? See the list of plugins that we are using. Thnx.


If you installed the theme and all the required extensions, then hosts can submit a listing via the List a Property button in the site header, setting all the booking details and restrictions (e.g., booking offset, window, minimum/maximum number of days for a booking…).

All bookings are nightly by default (so the nights are counted instead of days, like with booking apartments or hotels); you can enable daily bookings if required in HivePress/Settings/Bookings section.

Please check this walkthrough How to build a vacation rental website like Airbnb or - HivePress Help Center and also the help articles in RentalHive and Bookings sections there. We’re also working on a full step-by-step tutorial for RentalHive; it’ll be published this weekend.

Hi Yana, thanx for the quick answer. I’ll watch the video and look forward to the step-by-step tutorial that will be published shortly. regards, John

Hi Yana, we have the extension HP Memberships, but can i hide the content all together from all visitors that are not login? The content is visible only for registered users.
thnx again John

There are 2 ways to do this:

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