Booking by Day, Week, Month or Year

Hello everybody, what i am looking for is a way users will be able to choose from the front end how to rent their property, meaning if they will like to rent it per day. week, month or year.
I would also like, when the property is listed for the people booking that item, to see only the appropriate period( day, month, year) in the calendar, and after they choose to book it to land again on the payment page.

Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated

Unfortunately there’s no way to restrict the booking period this way (there are 2 modes at the moment, day-based and time-based bookings), but you can set the minimum booking duration to 30 days or 365 days in the listing form. We also plan to add recurring monthly bookings feature, there were a few requests for it.

that would be amazing thank you

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