Booking Calendar issues

Hey Devs,

I noticed that when I edited the calendar to block out a day of time slots, on the front end side for the user booking, it doesn’t actually indicate that the time slots are unavailable…all it shows is the ‘no results found’ when a user attempts to select a time-slot.

If I was trying to book I would find that very confusing as it doesn’t indicate or mention that there are no available time slots on that particular day/days.

It would be really nice if there was a specific error that said ‘no bookings available’ or something along those lines.


Thanks for your suggestion, we plan to add a detailed error message for this. The reason is probably not the calendar - please make sure that the booking from/to, slot duration and interval details are set for a listing - then a list of time slots should be generated, but the blocked time slot should not be available in the list.

Great. Yes I’m aware of that but it is unclear to the booker the way it is currently.

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