Booking can not be manually updated with payment and vendor

I updated Hivepress and now I can no longer manually add a booking with and create a order. Usually my customers book themself online and pay a deposit. However sometimes we have to manually put the booking in and register the payment and assign to the vendor. However all we can do is add the booking we can no longer add the payment and assign the vendor. When I checked extensions under Hivepress it says purchase under booking, but this was already purchased, when I go under my plugins it say booking active. Please help.

Please provide as many details as possible while reporting an issue, this way we’ll be able to quickly detect and resolve an issue.

Please send the steps to reproduce this issue, do you mean that there’s an error message when you click Add New, or the page is blank, or the button is not clickable, etc. You can also send temporary WP access with details to and I’ll try to help.

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