Booking hook for direct bookings

I’m currently working on a feature that allows vendors to create bookings directly, bypassing the standard listing-based booking process. This is aimed at facilitating a more straightforward booking procedure, especially when a vendor and a customer have already interacted or agreed on a service offline, and they merely need to formalize it on the platform.

Before diving into custom implementations, I wanted to inquire if HivePress already provides a filter, action, or any other kind of hook that I could use for this purpose. Specifically, I’m looking for a way to:

  1. Trigger the booking process directly from the vendor’s dashboard or profile.
  2. Bypass the need to select a specific listing before initiating the booking.

I understand the core functionality is centered around listings, but a direct booking feature would be immensely beneficial for my specific use-case.

If there’s any documentation or past threads regarding this, or if you could guide me towards any relevant filters/actions, that would be greatly appreciated. I’m well-versed with custom code, so even if there’s a starting point or a suggested approach, it would be a great help.

Thank you for the continuous support and the fantastic platform that is HivePress!

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I’m very sorry for the delay. Yes, you can create custom functions or REST API endpoints for this purpose, I recommend using our models API and hooks for this purpose (please check the Models section in the developer docs). Please note that bookings require a listing ID in any case, any booking refers to a listing and if you mean creating a booking without listing details this would require a custom implementation for sure.

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