Booking payments message “something wrong”

When I click on bookings payments I have this page that appears.


  • Please make sure that the HivePress Marketplace extension + WooCommerce plugin are activated
    Already checked.
  • WooCommerce product is not generated for a listing. To check this, edit any listing and just re-save it (setting the price), then try to book it again.
    Checked and WooCommerce product is not generated.
  • Some WooCommerce pages are missing (e.g. Checkout). You can try re-creating pages using a tool in WooCommerce/Status/Tools seciton.
    Checkout is working for other type of listings.

Can you please help me?

Please edit this listing and re-save it, setting the price. This will generate a hidden product for a listing and the issue will be resolved (it will also not occur for newly added listings). If this issue persists you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it.

I tried this already but still the same… I was sending you the user details. Thank you.

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