Booking reminder email not sending

Hi, the “Booking Reminder” email that is supposed to be sending, isnt being sent
this issues existed before and after we made the custom hivepress email template tool for Booking Reminder in the Hivepress > Emails

we installed WP mail logging to double check if the reminder emails are not sending, and no reminder emails are being sent.

also, wondering how many days before the booking/rental start is the Booking Reminder email sent, and is it sent to the host and guest of the rental?

Rentalhive theme installed
plugins from Hivepress installed:
HivePress Blocks
HivePress Bookings
HivePress Favorites
HivePress Geolocation
HivePress Marketplace
HivePress Messages
HivePress Reviews
HivePress SEO
HivePress Social Login
HivePress Tags


Please make sure you set up emails correctly, you can check this doc How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center
Also, please check if a pending action is created for this email in WP Dashboard > Tools > Scheduled Actions. The email is sent one day before the booking.

weird, but two hours ago was the first time a reminder email was sent. and now for the first time see the remind action in wp dashboard > woocommerce > status > scheduled actions
we didn’t change anything since our post except for implementing the cache.
we had the SMTP email setup done in the first part of our website-building stage.
thank you.


Let us know if there are any other issues with the mail, and we will try to help.

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