Booking Request: How can vendors see who made the request (name)?

@ihor and @yevhen,

I have this question related to manually managing orders: When a host (rentalhive) receives a booking request, he can only see the booking Number, Listing name, Status and booking dates (I have booking notes set to show only after an order).

Is there a way to show the username of the person who is making the request?

As always, thank you very much for this wonderful product.


There should be a user preview in the right sidebar of the booking page, please let me know if it’s not there and we’ll add it to the next Bookings update (I’ll also move the topic to Feature Requests).

Hello Ihor,

thank you! I just checked again and want to share exact feedback for improvement. First we must distinguish between Bookings (include all requests) and Orders (only completed and paid bookings):

I have only the information available on the page
/account/bookings/ with the lists of all bookings.

*Booking number
*Link to Listing
*Option to send message

NAME of USER: The Name of the User requesting a Booking reduces confusion and is very helpful.

Then once you click on one specific Booking you arrive on the following page:

Left side:
*Booking number

  • Link to listing
  • Status


  • Note by the client
  • Booking Note

Right Side:

  • Dates
  • Total Price


  • Send Message Button
  • View Order
  • Cancel Booking

NAME of USER: The Name of the User requesting a Booking reduces confusion and is missing here as well.

I have only the information available on the page
/account/vendor/orders with the lists of all orders.

  • Order/Booking number
  • Total Price
  • Status
  • Order Date

NAME of USER: The Name of the User requesting a Booking reduces confusion and is missing here as well.

Then once you click on one specific Order you arrive on the following page:
/account/vendor/orders/xxxxx with the details of the order.

  • Posted on (Date)
  • “Bought by First Name”
  • Booking Price
  • Booking Note
  • Pricing details
  • Note by customer

BOOKING DATES: The Booking dates are not displayed. This reduces confusion enormously.
MESSAGE CUSTOMER: The ability to message the Buyer would be helpful!

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll add the user block to the next Bookings update.

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@ihor thank you! this is great news.

Dear Ihor,

I really am running into trouble regarding this issue. Just sent you an email as well.

The booking management workflow is causing havoc with our vendors (hosts).

Please let me know when the new bookings update is expected to roll out.

It is of utmost importance to see the name AND booking dates on the order
and booking page of the vendor.

I can’t say it enough: thank you!


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Sorry for the delay, if you already sent a temporary admin access to I’ll check this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you @ihor - sent it yesterday. Should be in your inbox. If not, let me know. Really looking forward to the new Bookings update (or maybe a recommended snippet we can use until then?) since this is understandable that the hosts can’t work with this crucial info efficiently enough.

I just sent to you the booking link and SCREENSHOTS to help you understand the issue in detail.

Really looking forward to solving this as this is so crucial to the Host/Vendor experience.


Thanks for the details - I got the email, the next Bookings update is planned for tomorrow so the critical adjacent bookings issue should be fixed.

Thank you for the reply @ihor !

I have updated the Hivepress plugins today (26.05.22): Hivepress and Hivepress Marketplace.

I have tested a booking with End Date on the Beginning
Date of the following Booking with no different result.

Not sure if one of these was part of the Hivepress Bookings update.
I will do further testings in case it was a Cache issue, etc.)

@ihor thank you for the update notification.

I have done the first testings with our site. With no success. I have sent the details to the support email. We really are in a dilemma with the bookings and I hope to solve this issue because we can’t simply handle a large booking load and automate the booking process until this matter is solved.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: @ihor The Adjacent Booking is working for all our new bookings starting from today (30.05.2022). Most older bookings still display the beginning date incorrectly in the calendars. Nevertheless, this is great news!

Additional feedback:

  • Missing Booking Dates: are not shown on /vendor/orders and /vendors/orders/xxxx page. I understand the issue with Woocommerce. We will change the title of the page as recommended.

Improvement 1: if the first/last name instead the order number (which is completely different due to Woocommerce) is shown, this could reduce confusion.
Improvement 2: if the booking dates instead of the order date are displayed, this would then make sense in relation to the bookings.

Any snippet we can use to implement this is of great help.

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Hi @ihor ! I come here to try to find a solution for the same issue. I have not received any update with this plug-in, and not having the users’ names is confusing. I tried using the new sync option, and the information displayed in the calendar is only the booking number. It would be much more helpful to have both the booking number and the name of the person doing the booking + the name of the listing.

How can I add this information to the bookings section?

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If you updated RentalHive this issue should be resolved, the user name should be displayed in the booking date “booked on … by …”. Also, there’s a temporary fix that adds the user block to the booking page sidebar:

	function( $template ) {
		return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
				'blocks' => [
					'booking_sidebar' => [
						'blocks' => [
							'booking_user' => [
								'type'     => 'template',
								'template' => 'user_view_block',
								'_order'   => 100,

The initial version of the booking sync just syncs the availability (just making sure that there’s no overbooking if there are multiple platforms), we’ll add more info to the exported bookings as soon as possible.
Hope this helps.

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