Booking Request per Listing when "Manage availability per vendor" is selected

Hi, is it possible to have bookings requests per listing when “Manage availability per vendor” is selected? If I enable “Manually accept new bookings” on the vendor´s settings the option doesnt appear when I edit a listing, it seems like it will be for all the listings this vendor has…

But I need that the vendor can choose which listings require manual accept…

Thank you


Please note that this option becomes per vendor as soon as you enable the Manage availability per vendor feature. To do this separately it will require a custom implementation.

Custom implementation as?
A vendor should be able to select which listings he wants to have manual the fact that the vendor will share his calendar hours among all his listings “Manage availability per vendor” should not stop him to select which listing wants to approve manually…

Can I at least Disable at vendor level and activate it with a snippet in some listings or enable at vendor level and manually deactivate it with a snippet in some listings?


Unfortunately, there is no simple solution here; a custom implementation is required to make this setting for each listing. If customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

Lets ask different:
There must a an IF conditional in some php page that checks if the vendor checked the option „ Manage availability per vendor“ and it disable the manual request per listing.

If I disable that IF will I have both: Manage availability per vendor and Manual accept bookings per listing?

If yes, can I know where is that conditional?

Thank you


Unfortunately, there is no such simple function. If you are familiar with coding, you can look at this function in more detail here hivepress-bookings/includes/components/class-booking.php on line 971. Also, note that you need to add customization through hooks e.g. hivepress/v1/models/listing/attributes and vendor attributes How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center

Thank you, I will give it a try

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