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we use the Listing Hive product and are now really happy to have it built. When checking the process, the User is able to request an Offer / Listing but then he is directly sent to the Payment gateway. Is there any chance to request the booking, then the Vendor confirms it and then the User needs to finalize the payment? pls. see attached current process

Please send more details about this issue, is this a duplicate of Listing Hive / Request an Offer or this one is related to bookings? Any extra details, screenshots, etc. may help.

Hi Yevhen,
Thanks for your answer. Well the question is the following. If someone sets up a listing / Offer, there is a Label that asks: Do you accept manual booking. If this is ticked, the User send a Booking request to the Vendor. My question is if the Booking request can be pre selected so that the Vendor does not need to tick it? And that this lable: Acceptance of manual bookings can be hidden ?

Please try this PHP snippet

	function($listing_id, $listing) {

	function( $form ) {

		return $form;
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I have this same issue. I can copy this PHP snippet but do not know where to add it.

Please follow the instruction on How to add custom code snippets (the section on adding PHP snippets)

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