Bookings extension is missing

I have purchased “RentalHive” but “Bookings” (HivePress > Settings > Bookings) is missing. This should be visible and included with purchase of “RentalHive”, correct?

Hi, Bookings is a separate paid extension.

I see you can purchase it… but it looks like it is included in purchase of “RentalHive” (?)
It looks like an included component of “RentalHive”…
See ‘products’ in image from my license and purchase receipt…

Hmmm. Maybe it is included. Did you try and uninstall and try and reinstall it?

I did reinstall and clear/clean WP - but it also looked like I used an incomplete, or only partial .zip file for the first attempt at an install of the theme and associated plugins. Using the correct .zip install package, I was able to install HivePress Bookings.

Thank you for chiming in…

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Yes, this extension is included. If it’s installed via the notice about recommended extension it should be ok, but I remember the same issue when the server unzipped packages incorrectly. Please try to delete and re-install Bookings in WordPress/Plugins section (you can download the Bookings ZIP package via the RentalHive purchase email). If this issue persists please send temporary WP access link via email and I’ll check it Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

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Sorry, I noticed that you already installed it - thanks for the update.

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