Bookings not loading the Booking page

My Bookings extension does not work properly with my service Marketplace, when trying to book a service and selecting the book now option instead of taking you to the booking confirmation page it takes the user to the main page but with the booking link on top. I asked the same question over the WordPress forum and already loaded all Woocommerce pages but it seems to not have fixed the issue yet.

Steps to reproduce

Try Booking in my service marketplace to see how it does not work as expected. Go to services (Servicios), select one and then request to book

Actual result

When trying to book a service it takes the user back to the main page with a different link than normal.

Expected result

To load the booking confirmation page.

Extra details

Fixed, I saw another post that says to use Settings/Permalinks section (with %postname%).

Thanks for posting the solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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