Afther the last update Breadcumbs strukture change, from Home → Category > Category(optional) → Listing
To - Home → Listings → Vendor → Listing

Wich brake the good structured data for google. Its also bad for seo, becouse when someone delete his listing… google get confused → he think thats the main path of listing

If u think , that breadcrumbs shoud be in this way , please provide me with path to delete this breadcrumbs and place mine … Thanks :slight_smile:

Im using Rankmath and everything was fine ,

but now i see also rankmaths breadcrumbs isnt suported by theme:
Theme features core-block-patterns, widgets-block-editor, title-tag, automatic-feed-links, custom-logo, post-thumbnails, editor-styles, wp-block-styles, responsive-embeds, align-wide, hivepress, wc-product-gallery-lightbox, wc-product-gallery-slider, html5, woocommerce, custom-header, menus, widgets, editor-style

I uploud picture to show u afther applying vendor categories , Rankmath dosent recognize diffrence between listings and vendor categories…

Maybe here is the issue

This is strange, there were no recent changes related to the listing or vendor hierarchy, maybe Rank Math changed something? It seems that they recognize a vendor as a parent of the listings because it’s set as a parent post in the database, but categories should be used instead - I recommend contacting Rank Math support (if you use their shortcode or block to show the breadcrumbs).

Before adding Vendor categories , everything was fine…

To use rankmath breadcrumbs i need to place theyr code in the theme .

But to avoid any confilcts i need to remove the theme breadcrumbs , so my question is … Where are the theme breadcrumbs or does .

Also i want to change the structure of db
www/ listing/listing name , shoud be
www/ name

In the first example google rank ur listing and ur vendor , becouse he dont recognize the category is part of the listing
In second path google will rank Categories as part of the listings, when someone delete listing google wont loose rank

Also crawling find in database ulr /listing ( without any listing in the ulr ) wich shows all listings and i cant remove it or edit it, but cause bad crawling result , becouse of no H1 or meta description
For vendors is the same

There are no theme breadcrumbs (although we plan to add these), HivePress just registers post types (listing, vendor) and taxonomies for them (listing category, vendor category). I’m not sure why Rank Math associates vendor categories with listings, if there are any breadcrumb settings please select the Listing Categories as the main taxonomy for Listings there.

Hello, Ihor

Tomorow rankmath suport will check the issue
Its good that hivepress dont add the breadcrumbs , becouse with seo plugin will have a lot of issues
I need to check now , why the structure cant be changed inside the rankmath plugin

Can u help me to change the structure of the website //

Im testing whole day,

Breadcrumbs work everywhere except Listings. Whatever type i choose always structure is the same -home-listings-vendor-listing

It seems that Rank Math chooses the parent post (Vendor) over the parent taxonomy (Listing Category) - I recommend checking this with Rank Math support, for some reason they give the parent post a higher priority while generating breadcrumbs.
Adding the category slug to the listing URL is possible, but requires customizations in WordPress, you can check this topic Add category base to URL in custom post type/taxonomy - WordPress Development Stack Exchange The listing post type is “hp_listing”.

Thank you ihor .

Do u find someone wich have same problem with Breadcrumbs or its only me ? If its global problem i can remove the breadcrumbs

I need to place this code in Theme :

<?php if (function_exists('rank_math_the_breadcrumbs')) rank_math_the_breadcrumbs(); ?>

Can u tell me in header or single.php i need to use
Also if u plan to place breadcrumbs from rankmath u can place it inside the theme in next update

Do you want to add this code to the listing page only or to all pages? This will probably require a custom code snippet Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube

Yes i want to add to listing categories and listings / breadcrumbs - [rank_math_breadcrumb]

i watch the video, but im not sure im able to do it only for listings and listings category
Can i make it with templates ? from hivepress → templates ?
If its not possible.
I want to place it on whole website from rankmath recomend to ask developers of theme where the php shoud be placed – in header.php or in single.php

Yes, you can do this by overriding templates completely in HivePress/Templates, but if only inserting a single element is required then a code snippet may be a better solution. You can check the sample snippets here Search · user:hivepress hivepress/v1/templates · GitHub

Rankmath fix it , i wont put visible breadcrumbs for now … but its recomended to have it for google next update

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