Budget field allows entering text

Would it not make more sense if Budget and Offer fields allowed for NUMBERS only? Right now you can type anything, and if some customers type in $500, others type 500, then others do $500-1000, 500-$1000, $500-$1000, then it will not be consistent. I believe consumers need to be forced to use the same format somehow.

Admin should be able to set the currency, so all numbers entered show up in that currency.

Does this make sense?

Please send more details about the issue, if you mean the Budget field in the request form it should accept numbers only (if you also use Marketplace then this field is added automatically), unless it’s a custom request attribute added in Requests/Attributes (in this case please switch its type from Text to Number there). It’s the same for offers, the Price field added by Marketplace to the offer form should accept numbers only.

P.S. If you purchased Requests please enter the license key in profile settings, this should add a Premium Support badge to your forum profile if it’s not expired.

Hi Ihor,

I haven’t purchased yet, I’m testing things on your demo theme Experthive. I can still type letters and other characters into the Offer and Budget field on your demo.

Is this something which can be changed in preferences from admin?

Attached a screenshot FYI.

Yes, the Marketplace extension is disabled on the demo site, we added this custom Budget field just to show the possible features but it seems that we selected the Text type instead of Number, you can change this.

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Thank you, Ihor.

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