Bug with adjusting the price

hello I reported a bug a few months ago but the problem is still present. On the mobile version I cannot adjust the prices according to the dates. When you select the dates and click on the icon, nothing happens, it disappears


If this was reported we’ve probably fixed this in the upcoming update, please wait 2-3 days for it. If the issue persists, we can re-test this.

Hello I had reported a beug on the mobile version: we can not adjust the prices by date: you told me that the beug is confirmed and that it would be corrected quickly, but it’s been a long time and still nothing, it really bothers me for my customers?

Please send a link to the bug report, or it was reported via email? The next update is planned for this weekend for sure, but it’s better to link a bug in case if it’s not included in the next update.


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