Bug with search widget form

I need help with the HivePress search widget. When I search through the search widget on a category page, I don’t see the title (or category) image. And when I go through the created page for ads (where categories are also displayed), then everything works as expected. And I also noticed that in the first and second cases you = a different URL is given. Also, the main page is developed on Elementor and a widget has been added to it. Next, the Hive Listing theme goes everywhere, but I think this is not critical, because the search widget does not work correctly even when you use it on the Hive Listing theme. please help with advice on how to fix this lag.

Ad category link when you go to the ad page:

Ad category link when clicking on the search widget:

Yes, this is expected behavior - if a specific category is searched then there’s a common Listings layout without the full category page template, in this case the selected category is just one of the available search filters. When you view a specific category page, it’s a dedicated page with a category-specific header and URL like /listing-category/category-name-here

Unfortunately I can’t say for sure about Elementor, we don’t guarantee 100% integration with it yet but plan to add it as soon as possible.

Perhaps in the next update this can be fixed, i.e. return full category page template instead of a common listing layout.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this option.

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