Bug with Woocommerce - display of the Woocommerce menu in the footer without asking for it

I say it’s a bug, but maybe I’m wrong, but I tried to modify the appearance of the site with elementor header/footer, but I didn’t succeed, and I came back to the site of origin.

But since then, it shows me the woocommerce menu at the bottom of the footer without in the settings I asked for that.

Here is the capture to better help you:

Thank you for your help

Please assign a custom menu to the Footer location in Appearance/Menus, then you can control which pages to display in the footer menu (it lists all the pages if not assigned).

Thank you, except that these do not appear in the menu manager, or even in the widgets

Please navigate to Appearance/Menus and assign the Footer menu to the Footer location this way (via the checkbox at the bottom) Screenshot by Lightshot Once you assign a custom menu to the Footer location, it will list the items you add to it instead of listing all the available pages.

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