Bugs in the listing packages

I have make a new package that each vendor can create 10 ads (Listing Limit: 10) and each ad is valid for 1 day (Listing Expiration: 1), but the problem is that if the vendor posts 2 ads today, they will be valid until tomorrow, and the vendor can post the remaining ads in the following months and years. It’s bug! it’s not working correctly. The vendor subscription package must be activated from the first listing approved date and expired based on exact date of Listing Expiration.

My suggested solution for this problem is to have the ability to create subscription packages.

With this method, you can create a one-month package with the possibility of creating 100 ads, and under any circumstances, all ads will expire according to the date.


Package Name: 1Month_100Listing
Listing Limit: 100 ( Set the maximum number of listing submissions)
Listing Expiration (optional): 30 (Set the Number of days after which a listing expire)

In this case, if the vendor buys a package on January 1st and submits 5 ads on the first day and submits 10 ads on January 30th. All ads must be valid until January 31st.

In the current bug mode, the first 5 ads are valid until January 31 and the second 10 ads are active until February 30. This is a serious bug and all users and vendors calculations will be with error by this bug in packages.


Sorry for the confusion.

The Paid Listings extension does not work in this way (only the Memberships extension works similarly, but it is for customers, not vendors).

But thanks for the suggestion, we will consider adding such a monetization model.

Paid Listings allows you to charge vendors for adding, featuring, and renewing listings.

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