Bulk import and update listings

Is there a way to bulk upload a listing with its price and other attributes?


Yes, it is possible with the extension Import - Allow users to import listings | HivePress Extensions, or you can try to use other extensions, for example, Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

And how could I use the extension for update prices??


If you mean updating existing listings, it’s possible if you override listings by ID, it’s likely both using our extension or any advanced WordPress import plugin.

hi @andrii !
yes, i got it. But i still don’t understanding how could i create the CSV to reach this as the documentation doesn’t show.

Could you please provide some example to make it work?

Any CSV with columns that match the required listing fields will work, if you already have the Import extension please let me know if you tried to make an import and if there were any error messages. With the Import extension, you can select the import mode (whether to add, override or add & override listings) on the first import page.

hi @ihor !
yes, sure! I have the Import extension but i unsuccessfully update the prices (for specific dates).

Is there a way to export full listing to match field? Or could you please provide me some working sample?

If you mean variable prices per day unfortunately there’s no way to import them via the Import extension yet, but all the other fields should be ok (except array-like fields, e.g. pricing tiers, extras).

There’s no specific sample because it depends on required listing attributes on your site, but if any column can’t be imported the error details will be displayed on the last step.

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