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I have the platform set up but the “buy now” feature isn’t showing. I downloaded woocommerce and marketplace already. Also, if experts are charging hourly rates how can i make it so the customers can choose how many hours they want to book the person for and everything reflects.

Please let me know if you use the Marketplace extension only, or with the Bookings extension? If you use both and you also installed WooCommerce, there should be the Proceed to Payment button on the booking confirmation page. If it’s not there please re-save the listing.
The time-based bookings are possible if you enable time slots in HivePress/Settings/Bookings section.

Hey Ihor, regarding the bookings. I have the marketplace extension and booking extension, and also woocommerce plugin. I tried trouble shooting it, but I’m lost. The problem might be I removed cart, and shopping from the woocommerce plugin since they were listed on the mainpage. I don’t know how to reverse this. At this time, users can book but they can’t pay, can we hop in a zoom call to quickly fix this?

If Marketplace, Bookings and WooCommerce are installed & activated please navigate to WooCommerce/Status/Tools section and click the Create Pages button, this will create any missing WooCommerce pages if they were removed. Then please edit any listing, set a price for it and click Save or Update. Then try to book this listing - there should be a Proceed to Payment button on the booking confirmation page that redirects you to Checkout.
If the redirect doesn’t work please send temporary WP access via email to and I’ll try to help.

Perfect! Thanks since works are going to be charging by the hour, i would like clients to book by the hour and the checkout to reflect how many hours they’ve booked. How do i configure this?

Please try setting the time slot duration to 1 hour and allow multiple time slots in HivePress/Settings/Bookings, then users can select multiple time slots to book at once, the price will multiply by the number of time slots selected.

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